Business Couples Secret Sauce

Tim & Naomi McMullen - Borambola Wines

October 25, 2020 Marcus Nicholls and Ariel Endean Episode 8
Business Couples Secret Sauce
Tim & Naomi McMullen - Borambola Wines
Show Notes

If you're partial to a very nice glass of wine, you're going to love this episode! Tim and Naomi McMullen are a business couple running Borambola Wines in Gundagai, on a property that has an enormously rich history - so much so, they're wines are often based on one of the remarkable stories the property has seen... everything from bushrangers to visiting royalty! Pour yourself a glass, sit back and enjoy this inspirational couple sharing their tips to business success.

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Some highlights from this episode:

“Knowing that I can park all the events and marketing side of the business with Naomi, and knowing that she’ll organise all of that in an amazing way that I could never do, allows me to go off and be hands on in the vines. It takes off a lot of pressure.” Tim

“Mostly it’s positive, we do work really well together and we’re both really busy all the time. We each do our thing and then try to come together, discuss what we’ve achieved and where we want to go. We can see the growth and the success, which makes it a positive experience” Naomi

“We don’t really argue about the business - sometimes we have different opinions, and then we both have to compromise to know where each of us are coming from and determine what will work best” Naomi

“We both have an appreciation of the work that we do. I’m more in love with my wife now than I ever have. It’s about admiration and respect.” Tim

“It’s helped to grow us closer together, and know that we can achieve many challenges together, work through it and come out the other side happy and successful in business together.” Naomi

“Part of our secret sauce is to really engage yourself in your local community and the people around you, or even your competitors, and building your brand, area and self within your community. We found that through building our relationships through the hoteliers and restaurants, we’re getting that local support.” Naomi

“Having strengths that we keep working towards - that’s the secret to our success. If we had lots of cross-over of skills, we would spend too much time discussing how best to do things.“ Tim

A bit more about Tim and Naomi:

Tim is the Managing Director of Borambola Wines. Tim planted the first vine (Chardonnay) in 1995 and finally began living out his passion for the wine industry.
Borambola Wines is a family owned business specialising in 100% locally grown wines in Gundagai, NSW wine growing region. Borambola also produces a Hoppy Lager Beer and Craft Apple Cider under the Tuckerbox brand. Borambola Wines has received numerous awards at various regional shows, and recently won the 2019 NSW Business Chamber State Winner - Excellence in Export. 

Naomi is the Chief Marketing Officer of Borambola Wines. Naomi has a background in marketing and events having worked in the travel industry for over 20 years.
Naomi manages the functions, weddings, and events at the Cellar Door, and co-ordinates all aspects of the marketing and social media plan for Borambola Wines and Tuckerbox.
Naomi is also community orientated, and is the past President of the local group, Women in Business Wagga Wagga Inc. She is currently studying to be a Vinyasa Yoga teacher, with her goal to run Yoga & Wine Retreats at the vineyard.