Business Couples Secret Sauce

Mike Sandys & Cathy Boyd - Oddball Marketing

October 04, 2020 Marcus Nicholls and Ariel Endean Episode 5
Business Couples Secret Sauce
Mike Sandys & Cathy Boyd - Oddball Marketing
Show Notes

We've had the joy of knowing Mike and Cathy for many years now and are forever inspired by their successful business, Oddball Marketing. We hope you enjoy listening to their insights on how to be a couple in business together!

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Some highlights from this episode:

“We’re pretty much different in every aspect, with one exception - we’re both visionary thinkers. We look at the future.” - Mike 

“It consumes your life. We’ll be at home at dinner, trying to not talk about business, then within 10-15 minutes something comes up.” Cathy

“We both have the same vision and aspiration for what’s possible.” - Mike

“You’ve got to balance that being accommodating of each others’ strengths and weaknesses and also have patience on things you’re not quite so good at.” - Mike

“It’s not a case of, ‘we’re the boss, do as we say’ - no, we’re under the same rules. If the team have to do it, we both have to do it.” - Mike

“Our hack is understanding where each others’ strengths are, and not trying to force a square peg into a round hole.” - Cathy

“If you’re the owner of the business, you don’t have to try and prove yourself every day. I can sit at the back during meetings and let everyone talk - I don’t need to feel like people need to hear my opinions on everything. I then feel excited when the team come up with the ideas and raise the issues.” - Mike