Business Couples Secret Sauce

Tony and Stephanie Mortel - Mortel's Sheepskin Factory

September 20, 2020 Marcus Nicholls and Ariel Endean Episode 3
Business Couples Secret Sauce
Tony and Stephanie Mortel - Mortel's Sheepskin Factory
Show Notes

This episode comes to you from the beautiful Hunter Valley in NSW. We hope you enjoy these tips from a lovely couple in business together!

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Here are just some of the great quotes from this episode:

“We laugh more than we get upset. If we had different jobs, we’d probably get bored of telling and hearing each other’s stories that we’re not directly involved in. It’s a shared story, we’re sharing everything.” Stephanie

“He’s more a bull at a gate, whereas I’ll more sit on things, think them through, give it time to see how it pans out rather than just attack. It’s the perfect offset.” Stephanie

“Our best business hack - know your business inside out. Don’t be afraid to zig when others are zagging in your industry. Know what they’re doing, but don’t follow what they’re doing.” Tony 

“Something I strongly believe in is managing every aspect of the business yourself. Initially, when you start, that means doing every aspect of the business yourself. You don’t lose control of anything whatsoever.” Stephanie

“Absolutely learn from other people’s mistakes. Don’t think that you know any better. Everything that’s been said in life has been said, every note that’s been played has already been played, every mistake you’re going to make in business has already been made. Learn from people’s mistakes and it may not cost you as much.” Tony

“The business relationship is all part of our personal relationship as well. If you think that you’re compatible in what you do together, it will be easier.” Tony